Tips to Bounce Back with Motivation

As a University Student, it makes it exceptionally hard to muster the Motivation to do the every-day tasks as there are so many things going on all the time. Maybe you’ve been out the night before, feel really tired, have had a stressful week and just need some time to organise your thoughts and get your head clear again. Normally, I get this ‘stuck in the rut’ feeling if I have been going out a bit too much, indulging in not-so-healthy foods and letting things pile on top, such as work or even missing days I should be going to the gym. When I fall into this trap, I do these little healthy tricks that help clear my mind and so I can think and plan my life properly. They may seem a little trivial, but they make me feel so much better, organised and get me back to a healthy thinking space! So here we go – my top tips on gaining your motivation back:

1. Get up to shower immediately

I know most of us may struggle to get out of bed, being perfectly content watching countless hours of Netflix all cuddled up and warm – however, it is truly amazing how much better a shower can make you feel. I always feel revived, clear-headed and I think the feeling of being clean makes me feel like I’m finally ready to be productive (a new woman basically). Additionally, if you stay in bed, you have time to get comfortable and content in your situation, so turn that snooze off and get up!! If you really can’t get up to shower – wash your face, brush your teeth, get the dry shampoo out and you will immediately feel better, promise.

2. Treat Yo-self (Healthily)

It truly is amazing how food can make you feel mentally – I’m a big believer in that what you put in, you get out. If I order a big, greasy takeaway, it makes me feel bloated and tired – and this certainly reflects in my productivity! On days I feel like I need to be productive – yet feel like I can’t fathom any motivation, I get up and make myself a cup of tea and opt for a healthy, warming meal such as oatmeal (my go-to basically). Or, if I do not feel like making a proper meal, I will make myself a smoothie instead. If I eat healthy, I feel healthy and ready to take on the day (Both Oatmeal and Smoothie recipes that are gut and IBS friendly will be posted soon – stay tuned!). Additionally, I boil a cup of herbal tea to go along with my brekky…I normally go for Pukka teas – Cleanse Tea being my favourite as it feels so warming and detoxifying, not to mention it tastes delicious.

3) Clean around you/your room and light a candle

It may sound counter-productive that days when you have things piling up in your brain, that instead, you opt to clean the environment around you. However, It’s crazy how much an un-cluttered room can clear my mind and make me feel like I can finally sit down and work properly. Something about a non-cluttered, minimalistic and lovely-smelling room with a vanilla-scented candle, just makes everything in life better mmmm.

4) Plan what you need to do – list everything

I’m an avid list-maker. My journal is FULL of listed tasks. I start by writing everything I need to do and then the day before, I will plan out the next day with numbering the tasks, lowest to highest in priority. It immediately relieves my stress, especially if I have a set plan of a very busy day ahead. If lists do not work for you, set reminders on your phone so it gets annoying after a while staring at them. It works eventually, trust.

5) Write in your journal/diary

I absolutely love journalling – it probably was the best thing ever invented to me. I try and write in my journal every couple days, if not every day. And yes, it is complete word vomit that most likely, I’m the only one who could understand. Despite this, I feel it’s important if you have something you have been thinking about for a while, or even something niggling at you, to just let it out. I always love looking back on my diary entries and see how I’ve improved as a person. Additionally, my journal holds so many sentimental memories and monumental experiences to me, so it’s lovely to look back on when I’m older. I reckon this is probably one of the most key tips I have, as once I have written about something that may have been bothering me, I can leave it behind and focus on something that takes higher priority.

6) Go for a walk/light jog/do a home workout- just sweat it out

This is a pretty obvious one, but if you feel unmotivated, the best way to motivate yourself personally is to get active. I feel SO much better after I try and sweat out all the anxieties and stresses that I have going on in my head. Additionally, I know I am bettering myself mentally and physically so it makes me feel so damn good. It’s so much better than staying cooped up in your room, as you may just be ruminating over all that you haven’t done yet. Even if you do a simple home workout (I recommend Sarah’s Day/Krissy Cela and Chessie King), it can make you feel a million times better. I think it’s exceptionally rewarding coming home from a good workout, taking a shower and then finally feeling motivated to get down to my work.

7) Just do it

I know this one may seem the oddest and basic of all, however sometimes I feel like I just need to sit down, give myself a pep-talk and get whatever needs to be done, done. I can admit I do have procrastination issues, always giving myself more time than I do actually have and this in return definitely does not help my anxiety. However, I do pride myself on the fact that if I sit down and just put my mind to it, I will get it done. It pays off to plan out what you need to do, exclude all distractions (turn off your phone/facebook and plug in your earphones) and just do it. If it’s Uni work for say, a deadline – do a bit of it at a time. Once you come back to it, you’ll realise how easy it will be to finish off as you’ve already got a head-start.

I hope you take these tips into consideration and give them a go. They honestly do work wonders for me in helping me feel physically and mentally ready to get down to business! And that means one step closer to getting a great final grade, and who complains about that 🙂 Please leave any comments below or pop me a message if you’ve given them a go!

Ari xx

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